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UR Nansha Group Headquarters
Alwathiq Sq., Salman Faeq St.
Al-Sady Bld. 3rd Floor, Ap. No.21,
Al-Karradah, Baghdad, Iraq
Phone : +9647807360312
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UR Nansha Group

Ur Nansha Group is an independent procurement specialist based in Iraq. Our company history dates back more than 16 years. Imports from outside Iraq regularly exceed 95% of our sales. We supply industrial clients from Iraq with capital goods and replacement parts. Various specialist engineering, maintenance and assembly services round off our programme with specialized and client-specific logistics and financing products.

Inspiring clients
Ur Nansha Group is a licensed specialist import company with the capacity to supply to Iraq and surrounding countries goods from the European Union and the rest of the world. Our staff are proud of the countless and, frequently, long-standing business relations with both clients and suppliers. We are constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our clients in terms of our services.

An innovative look ahead
Looking at our successful past will not solve the challenges of tomorrow. It is for this reason that Ur Nansha is constantly focused on innovative solutions for the future. From professional advising to sales and service, we offer our clients a partnership over the entire procurement and financing period.

Highly qualified employees and their extensive “procurement know-how” are the guarantors for the satisfaction of our clients.

Ur Nansha Group regards itself as a long-term partner for its clients!

Why Choose Us ?

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